A Lot Of Movement Once Again In The Top 40!

Once again we have a new number one on our countdown, bringing an end to Quiwena Afra’s run at the apex of the Skempi Top 40 and placing it a notch down at number two. The newcomer at the top is none other than the piano-heavy and contemplative rap song “MaRead More »

The Caribbean Origin of Holland’s Biggest Musical Export

If you’re from the islands of the Dutch Caribbean then you must have heard of it by now, you must have seen the entertaining (and somewhat confrontational) trailers a few months back; I’m speaking of course about the documentary which tells the story of the Curaçaoan founders of the music genreRead More »

A Historical Documentary About BechoLize

Happy new week Skempi News followers. This News entry is to inform you that today marks the debut of the documentary about the life, passion and death of Curaçaoan rapper Edrich “BechoLize” Kopra. It will debut at 2:00 PM on the Facebook page of Èxtra Curaçao. Make sure you watch it!

The Album That Introduced The World To Calypso

Today on this Sunday afternoon we delve into music that’s quite fitting for the laissez-faire mood that usually imbues this time of the week in the West Indies. That music is Calypso (more on the origin of this music genre at a later date) or I should say a momentRead More »