Did You Know This Was Happening This Month?

It really is amazing how Trump has managed to live down to many people’s expectations of his presidency, isn’t it?   But you know, in the midst of all the miasma emanating from his actions, he did carry out one admirable deed, at least for us here in the Caribbean.Read More »

And Menasa Strikes Again!

And Menasa has once again swooped in on the Skempi Top 40 crown like a hawk diving in full force on an unsuspecting mouse in the woods. Forgive the somewhat morbid analogy but it is somewhat fitting considering that it can now be stated without question that this magnetic DJ/producerRead More »

Skempi Wishes You A Happy Father’s Day!

Today we at Skempi celebrate the Caribbean father’s that have given their all, made sacrifices and set examples for their sons and daughters. The ones that take their children to the beach on Sundays, teach them right from wrong and keep them out of harm’s way. And to commemorate thisRead More »

Mason Is Number One Once Again!

Mason is once again on top ladies and gentlemen, with his smash single “Make Up Break Up”. This is Mason’s first time at number one since his 2015 smash “Tra P’e”, so you could say him and the number one spot have ‘made up’ (I specialize in bad puns). HeRead More »

Stanley Clementina Honors Our Caribbean Heroes!

Curaçao’s eclectic musical mastermind Stanley Clementina is currently on the island and boy did he bring his people a special treat. During his two week stay on his native soil he will be promoting his tongue-in-cheek new Afrobeat single “Komehein” about a girl who…well…let’s just say needs more wood forRead More »