Rizam’s Classic Revisited

Today Skempi News brings you another gem from the past in the form of Rizam’s 1998 classic “Bule Bula”, sung by Paul Welvaart. This song had a very significant message. It namely urged listeners, male listeners in particular, to always seek the non-violent path to resolve issues, to ‘jump over’ conflictsRead More »

Throwback To Aventura’s Obsession

On this Throwback Thursday Skempi News brings you a classic from the 2000s in the form of Bachata superband Aventura’s megahit ‘Obsesión’, released in 2003.  This song became a huge success across the globe and the band members had every teenage girl in the world swooning over them. Aventura wasRead More »

Many Changes In The Top 40

This past weekend Skempi was back in business and it showed; the top 40 immediately lit up with activity. Bizzey’s “Traag” remained on top as it received an increase in play but Dreams’ “Komehein” quickly made a leap to grab a hold of its coattails at number 2. Not toRead More »

The Dynamite Combination Of Cuba And Mali

Today Skempi News brings you another treat from Cuban soil in the form of AfroCubism, the award-winning and Grammy-nominated album which featured musical collaborations between musicians from Cuba and Mali. Released in 2010, the musicians featured on the album had previously built successful careers for themselves, either as members ofRead More »

Skempi Gives You This Gem For 10-10-10

Today marks the seventh anniversary of when the constituent country called the Netherlands Antilles dissolved and the island of Curaçao, along with the island of Sint Maarten, became an autonomous country within the kingdom of the Netherlands, just as Aruba had done in 1986. Thus today many Curaçaoans on theRead More »