Where The #DenBoSoño Challenge All Began…


Where The #DenBoSoño Challenge All Began…

The #DenBoSoño Challenge. Well, you’ve seen all the videos, you’ve heard all the bars being spit, now read about its origin. Believe it or not it all started in a kitchen in Rotterdam in the Netherlands and it’s come a long way since those pots and pans.

To the delight of many (and slight annoyance of some) the challenge has become a huge hype in the Dutch Caribbean. Alejandro, a Curaçaoan artist living in Rotterdam known artistically as Lex Talento or Professor Lex, has been playing music for a long time but now he is suddenly heard everywhere because of this challenge. You see it was in his kitchen where this whole happening was born, he is the #DenBoSoño challenge creator.

He made a beat and sang a chorus which literally says: “That beat is dope, that flow is dope, they say they are better than you, but that’s not the case. In their dreams.” Well we all know what happened next, don’t we?

And the phenomenon has even spilled over into other regions as rappers from many more countries have joined in. You can hear them answering the call to show what they’re made of in Dutch, English, Papiamentu, Spanish, French, you name it.

The beginning
At the beginning Lex sent the challenge to five people. Now thousands of people have taken up the challenge through the hashtag #DenBoSoño. Suddenly anyone who wanted to join was getting touch with him for the beat, he was more in demand than male romper memes. Before long he just put the beat online to save himself some time.

Now, as stated before, Lex had been making music for a long time, and the thing that set this whole craze in motion was his desire to do something different from everything he’d ever done before. That might explain why he decided to record it in his kitchen. And that one burst of inspiration unleashed a rap kraken that has moved swiftly along many a lyrical seas here in the Dutch Caribbean.

And the challenge has opened doors for Lex as well: Aruban singing sensation Jeon has already gone on record saying he would like to work with him.

The #DenBoSoño challenge is still in full effect at the moment, but in the end Lex will end it with his own rendition.

Let’s see what he will bring to the table!

Gerson Eleonora (1987) has a passion for writing, whether it be short stories, poems or the biographies, reviews and music articles displayed here on the site. He is an aficionado of everything Caribbean, it’s almost as if salt water runs through his veins.
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