Randal Corsen Tops The Charts!


Randal Corsen Tops The Charts!

Randal Corsen has reached the top of the charts. His live composition of “Limpiado di Sapatu” climbed the Skempi Top 40 this past Monday, knocking the immensely popular BRIAN D off of the throne, and it has not descended since. And these top two entries are being kept close company at the top tier by the likes of Jeon and Chaika.

And in a surprising twist this week, one of Rudy Plaate’s classic crowd pleasers has also climbed the charts in spectacular fashion, entering the Top 40 over the weekend and almost instantaneously shooting up to number 5. The old favorite in question is of course “No Mishi Kune”.

In other chart news, Doble R’s “Tula Warda” continues to steadily scale the charts – settling at number 20 this week, a move up from last week’s position of number 23 – and the Top 40 has another newcomer in the form of “Manera Mi” by Fuerza Dos.

Listen to them all here

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