A Short Film Which Celebrates Curaçaoan Culture


A Short Film Which Celebrates Curaçaoan Culture

Today Skempi News takes another grab in the vault of Caribbean musical history and brings you a short film created in 1962. The film was titled Solo Sali and was filmed by Ari Jungslager in Curaçao with an all-Curaçaoan cast and all-Curaçaoan music.

The film is a celebration of Curaçaoan folk legends, culture and customs and with the ongoing cultural celebrations taking place in Curaçao this week, it could not be a more fitting entry in the Skempi News Footprints series.

Enjoy this blast from the past!


Gerson Eleonora (1987) has a passion for writing, whether it be short stories, poems or the biographies, reviews and music articles displayed here on the site. He is an aficionado of everything Caribbean, it’s almost as if salt water runs through his veins.
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  1. Silvia Jungslager - September 29, 2017 11:39 pm

    Lindo vídeo es de mi difundo suegro Ari jungslager yo soy la viuda de su hijo Roel jungslager , me gustó verlo de nuevo, gracias

  2. Roel jungslager - September 29, 2017 11:55 pm

    Filmed by Ari Jungslager.


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