Jeon On The Big International Stage!


Jeon On The Big International Stage!

The Aruban sensation Jeon made quite the international splash over the weekend with his larger than life feature on the larger than life music video for the single “Machika”, a single on which he collaborates with the international Reggaetón sensation J. Balvin and the Brazilian star Anitta. This collaboration came about as a result of Jeon’s own single “Machika”.

Here’s how:

Last year Jeon went to go live in New York for a while to work on himself spiritually and mentally. He did this because he believes that as an artist you have to have the complete package, meaning you have to be a well-rounded person; talent can only take you so far. During that time he lived in an apartment building and prayed every day for God to send him signs to show him which steps he should take on the path to improve himself.

During that time he also went to a gym not far from his apartment building regularly. One day, at around 10 am, he bumped into the Colombian Reggeatón superstar J. Balvin there, who also happened to go to that same gym. It was a mere chance encounter and Jeon just waved to him and went on about his business.But the next day it happened again, at the same time.

The day after that Jeon decided to go to the gym at a different time, around 12 pm. He namely did not want J. Balvin to think he was stalking him. But wouldn’t you know it: he meets J. Balvin again. Jeon took this as a sign from God and struck up a conversation with him and soon a friendship bloomed. They even became Gym buddies.

Jeon told J. Balvin he is from Aruba and proud of it but did not tell him that he is a mega music star on the ABC islands. In any case they continue to build up a friendship and Jeon continues to make music. And he also continues to put posts on Instagram, where none other than world famous Puerto Rican Reggaeton artist DJ Blas follows him, this the result of a collaboration Jeon had with him three years ago.

Among the posts that Jeon shared on his Instagram profile was the single “Machika”. Many people saw this post, including DJ Blas, who reshared it with the hashtag #Papiamentomood. This is quite a serendipitous occurrence as the DJ had never shared any of Jeon’s previous posts on Instagram. And you know who saw DJ Blas’s reshare? Why J. Balvin of course!

He immediately got in touch with Jeon and asked him “Is this really you? Eso es fuego!” And so the collaboration was born, culminating in an extravagant music video for the J. Balvin, Jeon and Anitta single “Machika”, which was released last Friday and garnered 7.2 million views on its first day. In it Jeon makes a special mention of Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire (!). And J. Balvin also released a special video on social media in which he addressed how this all started because of Jeon’s single, shining even more international spotlight on the Aruban talent.

And as a result of this collaboration he got signed to a major record label and is now going on a world tour with J. Balvin to cities like Los Angeles and Paris, to name a few. It would appear the Lord heard his prayers. And he plans on continuing to praise the ABC-islands every chance he gets and bring more of the international spotlight on them as he continues to ride this wave of fame. And the islands thank him for it.

And throughout it all Jeon remains humble and appreciative. As he said in his Rockòrsou interview: “I encourage everyone to keep working on themselves and keep on dreaming because dreams come true.”

Check out the awesome music video below!

Gerson Eleonora (1987) has a passion for writing, whether it be short stories, poems or the biographies, reviews and music articles displayed here on the site. He is an aficionado of everything Caribbean, it’s almost as if salt water runs through his veins.
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