Urvin Luwi Jano Climbs The Charts


Urvin Luwi Jano Climbs The Charts

Urvin Luwi Jano, this year’s Rei di Tumba, has skyrocket to the top 10 of the Skempi charts. His winning tumba “Sende Lus Pa Kòrsou” comes in at no.8 after having just entered the top 40 a few days ago. This tumba is among the sea of compositions of this music genre that have been charting in the Skempi top 40 these past few weeks.

In other chart news, the single “Sin Lenga” by Gentz continues to hold sway at the no.1 spot. It has now entered its fifth consecutive week on top, holding down the fort as Menasa’s “Bodak Yellow(Bootleg)” continues its onslaught. And among the newcomers this week are “Mi Sa Cu Bo Ta Yora” by Raven, “Snap Di Ambiente” by Request and “Missed Call” by Claudius Philips.

Listen to them all here

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