What is Skempi?

Skempi is a digital music service that gives users around the world access to the best music from independent Caribbean artists. The service is dedicated to revolutionizing ways in which unique content from a big network of independent Caribbean artists is made available to music lovers around the world. Skempi’s vast collection of music manages to cater to almost everyone’s musical tastes as the service provides over a 100 types of different musical genres. Skempi runs on all manner of smartphones, tablets and PCs. While the interface on all of the these platforms is slightly different, each are centered on playing music.

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It’s all about the Artist

Skempi allows independent labels, musicians and managers to market their music to the world. At Skempi we understand the challenges of getting your music out there, so we offer a convenient, legal and commercially viable solution for you to showcase your music to the world. Register today to start your artist page where you can upload your latest music, biography and pictures to connect with your fans.

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And we do TV too…

Skempi Vibes is a TV show that gives a unique insight into the music and culture of independent Caribbean artists. Weekly episodes of the show focus on airing top music videos from independant Caribbean artists, exclusive interviews of Caribbean celebrities and original features related to Caribbean music culture (music, events and lifestyle). The show is presented in a 30 minute format. Different versions of Skempi Vibes are tailored to audiences in English, Spanish and French speaking countries across the Caribbean and the coasts of Colombia, Nicaragua and Panama. Skempi Vibes is exclusively presented on regional TV channels, however a 3 minute synopsis of the show is available online.


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