Æmy Niafeliz


Æmy Niafeliz

Æmy Felicia, better-known as Æmy Nia feliz, is a multitalented artist born in Curaçao. The “Æ” represents the phonetic sign used to be able to pronounce her name correctly.

At a young age Nia feliz experimented with the trumpet, bass guitar and piano at home and used to sing along with the songs she heard on the radio. During her time in 6th grade of elementary school she took piano lessons from David Isenia. After years of composing she decided to start with her solo career in 2012. She broke out with the hit ‘Kosechá Kantando’ and has since had more success with ‘Mi Tera’ and the sweetly melodic sensation ‘Bo Mirada’.

Nia feliz believes it is important to bring forth music with content that has a positive and constructive message and through her music she tries to motivate listeners to keep on pushing even as they encounter many obstacles during their day to day endeavors. However, she does not believe she can make a living out of music on the island and thus besides her musical career she is also a teacher at a secondary school. Those classes must be like musicals.

Nia feliz has performed at different venues in Curaçao and also abroad. In the future she would like to continue producing music and art that helps others in their way of thinking and their way of life.

Listen to Æmy Nia feliz on Skempi!

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