Angela Veró


Angela Veró

Angela Veró(1986) is a singer, composer, musician and actress from Guadalajara, Mexico.

Although her musical education began with classical music in the school of Italian singing called Bel Canto, she eventually decided to get her composition license in Popular Contemporary Music.

She made her debut as a singer-songwriter in the year 2000 in a television special on TV Azteca México. She has been performing ever since, adding mostly her own written material to her repertoire and fusing it with Latin Ballad / Pop themes, with a tinge of Mexican musical stylings.

As a singer, she has toured many parts of Mexico promoting the arts and culture. She also launched a nationwide tour called “La Música es Tradición” (The Music is Tradition), with international artists like Mauro Calderón and Aldo Degadillo, in which she performed traditional Mexican Ranchera music.

This tour was made possible by CONACULTA, the Mexican national board for the arts and culture, whose primary objective is to promote great Mexican songwriters.

Angela Veró has graced many of México’s grandest stages such as the Teatro Galerías, the Auditorio Benito Juárez, the Centro Fox, the Gran Salón Corona, the Teatro Vallarta and the Foro de Arte y Cultura.

She has many independent productions under her belt but the singles “Para Que Quieras Volver” (So That You Want To Return) and “Silencio” formed the official basis for her meteoric rise to stardom. The latter single even became the Latin/Pop Song of the Year at The Akademia Awards.

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