Boy Thode


Boy Thode

Boy Thode, born Merlinger Amadeus Thode (1963), is a Curaçaoan singer who has achieved massive fame both as a solo artist and as a member of the band ERA Outentiko.  His career started after he gave his first televised performance on the television program Telefiesta at the age of 11.

For the following seven years he was the member of a steel band. He never recorded an album with them, however, as his recording career only began after he joined the band ERA Outentiko.

With them he has produced music that has spanned many genres, from Seú and Tumba to Reggae and Rock and Roll, from Ritmo Kombiná and Merengue to Pop Ballads and Boleros. Among their hit songs are “Tur Mi Amor”, “Lo Que Me Gusta De Ti”, “Sin Bo” (written by Thode) and “Mi Stimabu Tantu”, the last one reached number 1 on the top 100 list of all the local radio stations in its day. The message he aims to convey through his songs, aided by his powerful and emotionally charged voice, is one of love and peace.

Although he never left ERA, he eventually delved into solo recording and this proved to be a grand success; his album “Ayo Amor/Maske Bo’n Ke Mi Mas” became a timeless classic and the biggest achievement of his career. During his 30-plus year tenure with ERA Outentiko and as a solo artist he has released over 40 albums and also recorded internationally with Salsa singer José Alberto “El Canario” in New York.

He continues to be a very successful solo artist and is very content with an illustrious career that has brought forth many accomplishments. He has recently released an album with the band called The Sky Is The Limit which has been blazing a trail on the island.

Listen to it here on Skempi

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