Chris Kross


Chris Kross

Christopher Kross also known as Chris Kross is a musician and guitarist born on September 27, 1995 on the one happy island of Aruba. From an early age, Chris had an immense desire to learn about and express his love for music. His musical career started at five years old with piano lessons and playing with a recorder. At 9 years old he received an electric guitar as a gift from his father, which was also the stepping-stone for his career as a guitarist.

Chris started taking multiple guitar lessons and quickly developed his skill and musical knowledge while writing and arranging his own compositions. Whenever he started playing ‘this here guitar’ (as George Benson sings it on the hit track ‘On Broadway’), his technique would impress many and he began receiving attention from local and international musicians.

With a big smile on his face, a passion for music, and an electrifying personality, Chris Kross is everything a young and talented musician should be. His musical influences are Miles Davis, Mike Stern, Alejandro Sanz, Toto, among others. His favorite music genres are Jazz, R&B, Funk, Salsa, Latin Jazz and Bossa Nova.

Career Highlights
In 2012 Chris Kross performed live for the first time with his first band KrossHart project with Aruban drummer Siegfried Hart. KrossHart was invited to perform at live shows and local concerts including the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival in Aruba where Chris Kross performed for five consecutive years.

As his career in music began to expand, so did Chris Kross. In 2015 he formed the 4-member band Fuente together with 3 talented local Aruban artists and performed at the Caribbean Sea Jazz festival and numerous presentations around the island. That same year Fuente released their first album titled FUENTE with their hit song ‘Aw’i Coco’.

Chris Kross was also known as the guitarist for local Aruban band N’Fuzion (2013-2016). In 2015 Chris Kross gave a presentation that was the talk of all social media in Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao where he performed as a guest guitarist for the band Buleria at the 2016 Soul Beach Festival, playing the song Purple Rain by Prince.

In front and behind the scenes, Chris’s fine guitar tunes have been featured in various local artists’ compositions and productions such as Miguel Genser (‘Baila Cumi’), Jeon (‘Pa Bo So’, ‘Stimabo pa Semper’, ‘Agradecido’, Forever’, and ‘Serenata’ to mention a few), and Michelangelo Koolman (‘Pasco Manera Mester ta’). Besides compositions and productions with other musicians and composers, Chris composed a few original tracks of his own, for which one of his latest featured a music video ‘Dulce’ with vocals by Michelangelo Koolman.

Currently Chris is studying at Florida International University (FIU) in the music department where he hopes to achieve his Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Performance. In 2016 Chris received a scholarship for Berklee College of Music, a well-known premiere music college and performing music arts conservatory. Today, he forms part of the 4-member band Fuente, which released an album in 2015. Chris’s future plans after college is to continue in the music industry as a musician and performer. He will also be releasing new singles including an instrumental Wals and an original song featuring him on vocals together with Miguel Genser.

“I want to make people happy with my music, that’s my goal, and if I managed to make one person smile with a single song, for me that’s enough”.

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