Danny Yanga


Danny Yanga

After having entertained audiences for twelve years with his performances in the musical “The Lion King”, Caribbean music man Danny Yanga has returned to his native island of Curaçao to contribute to the local music scene.

In addition to his stage career he has also found success as a solo artist who specialized in covers. His success has led him to onstage collaborations with world famous singers like Vanessa Williams, Michael Bolton and Andrea Boccelli as well as performances in Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Miami, Hollywood, and India.

Throughout his career he has drawn inspiration from Michael Jackson and Shirley Bassey for their immaculate stage performances.

Born and raised in Curaçao (1983), Yanga went on to become a member of the bands Doble R and Magic Sound before embarking at the age of nineteen on a trip to the Netherlands to perform in the Dutch version of the musical “The Lion King” where before long he garnered the lead role of Simba.

He would go on to play this role in Belgium and Germany as well.

He has been back on the island for two years now and is focusing the majority of his efforts on stimulating the youth to express and fully develop all aspects of their musical talent through an academy he runs.

In the meanwhile he has also found time to lend his rich vocals to 2015’s ‘Festival di Tumba’ performing the song “Un Brasa Un Sunchi Pabo”. His ambition is to bring Curaçao’s entertainment world to new heights where audiences from the island and abroad can enjoy quality shows and the young local artists can have a venue to showcase their talent and be discovered.

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