Born Angel Maduro on the island of Aruba (1982), the famous Holland-based DJ/Producer D’Maduro pretty much came into this world with drumsticks in his hand. Growing up in the district of Savaneta, he had quite a musical childhood playing the drums in several bands.

At the age of 20, after having completed secondary school, it was time to move, as many Dutch Caribbeans did during that period. His destination was Groningen in the Netherlands. And, seeing as how he’s been living there for the past 14 years now, it’s safe to say he and the Dutch city to the north get along just fine.

You may be surprised to know that when he first moved to the Netherlands he actually went there to study in an entirely different field. You want to know what field? Motor Vehicle Technology. This he did not get along with just fine.

Before long he realized this was not his true calling and shifted his focus to the field where it really was all along: music. And so he enrolled in and got his degree from the educational institution Noorderpoort (also in Groningen) in Music & Sound Design.

But just how did he become a DJ? Not so surprisingly, it all started with his swagger. You see eight years ago, after he had graduated from Noorderpoort, he frequented a particular nightclub quite often and struck up a friendship with the owner there, to whom he often bragged about his acquired prowess on the turntable.

And it just so happened that said owner was in need of a DJ for a party one night. All the bragging had paid off because he immediately picked D’Maduro as his choice. “Let’s see if you can put your money where your mouth is” the owner had told him.

He did. And he hasn’t looked back since.

And how did the artist name D’Maduro come about? That one starts with his heritage. After countless brainstorming sessions on possible monikers, he decided to bring the search home to his own name. But one Google search of the name DJ Angel made him give up that notion tout suite.

But then he went a little deeper. And that’s where his heritage comes in. He is part Venezuelan on his mother’s side and he reasoned that if she would have married in Venezuela a part of her last name would have been ‘de Maduro’.

The timing of his brainstorming sessions also coincided with the heyday of Von Dutch thus he combined that inspiration with that of his roots to stylize his artist name in the likeness of the brand name but with a Latin exotic (hence the apostrophe) twist. Thus the artist name D’Maduro was born.

After five years of perfecting his skills as a DJ and building quite a name for himself in the profession, he decided to try his hand at producing as well three years ago, which was another masterstroke. And it was none other than Cesqeaux, the Dutch DJ/Producer sensation who has worked with the likes of Yellow Claw and Diplo, who encouraged him to foray into this world.

They have collaborated frequently since, even producing a Moombahton/Trap/Salsa EP together in 2013 called “El Sabor”. This was D’Maduro’s debut production and the Caribbean elements are salient throughout.

These elements have a habit of doing so throughout all of his music. Whether in the genres he plays on the turntable like Dancehall, Moombahton, Future Dancehall, which is a blend of Deephouse set to a slower rhythm with a Dancehall flavor.

Or the genres he produces like Moombahton and Future Dancehall with the Caribbean influences such as Caribbean drums, characteristics of Salsa and Merengue, and bridges similar to those found in genres such as Ritmo Kombiná.

And you want to talk about the hits? His first EP already produced the hit “Suerte” a Moombahton with a Salsa twist which sampled fragments of the Hector Lavoe classic “El Día De Mi Suerte”.

This success was followed by an even bigger one in the Trap smash “Murdara” on which he collaborated with the Brazilian duo Tropkillaz. This one garnered him massive exposure and entered his name into the national dialogue when it comes to premier producers.

Further up on his list of hits are wildly popular remixes such as that of The Backstreet Boys’ hit single “Everybody” (which was actually initially produced as a joke) and “Let Me Love You”, a collaboration with the duo Jack & Lewis.

And pretty soon he plans on releasing his second EP titled “Madness” a play on the first three letters of his last name. In the meantime he’s doing what music geniuses do: producing singles. And being part of the All Guru team, he’s definitely making moves as he’s already played in venues in Germany, Switzerland and Morocco.

And with his skill set there’s no limit to where he’ll go next!

Listen to them here on Skempi

Gerson Eleonora (1987) has a passion for writing, whether it be short stories, poems or the biographies, reviews and music articles displayed here on the site. He is an aficionado of everything Caribbean, it’s almost as if salt water runs through his veins.
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