Ethan Morris


Ethan Morris

Born Ethan George Morris Mau-Asam (say that three times fast) in 2001 on the island of Curaçao, the young DJ / Producer Ethan Morris is a burgeoning artist with an insane amount of talent. He credits his proclivity for making music to the eclectic musical fancies of his parents, who used to listen to everything from Reggae to RocknRoll to Country to Latin music genres in their household while he was growing up.

“And that’s why you also hear a lot of influences in my musical style. That’s why I throw a Merengue into the mix here and there, or a Reggaeton…Lots of Reggaeton.”

And you want to know how he got started as a DJ / Producer? A game called Online Club Penguin.

Intuition tells me that needs some further explanation; as the title might suggest, it was a game for children that Ethan Morris used to play at the age of 11. But this game somehow also included a DJing section (which he later learned was actually a Music Producing section) in which players would get beats “pre-made” that they could play and mix.

It’s safe to say he took a liking to it and it became the catalyst for his forays into DJ / Producing. At first he DJ’d on his personal PC, but then he assessed that it wasn’t quite what he wanted to do in the first place, which was producing.

Thus he switched from DJing to producing and continued to operate exclusively in the field of the latter for a while. But in the span of three years he reconciled the two and has been doing both ever since.    

Specializing in Moombahton, this musical whiz kid brings something delightfully swagger-laden to the table. This is especially salient on his 2017 hit “Bun Up”, in which his expert command of the beat transitions and bass drops is so on point and infectious it’s almost scary.

And when you look at the artists he admires and would love to collaborate with – a list which includes the likes of mega producers like Menasa in Curaçao and Spanker in the Netherlands –  the underlying spur for his choice in artistry comes even clearer into focus.

And the origins of that choice? When he first started out DJing and producing he actually listened to the 1994 Dancehall classic “Murder She Wrote” often as a source of inspiration and it became a driving force behind him pursuing the craft. He also cites the American Electronic Dance Music producer/DJ Skrillex as an early inspiration at the beginning of his musical journey.

And he states categorically that he is on this journey for the sheer joy of seeing people vibe to his music. “Doesn’t matter whether I’m playing for a crowd of 20 people or a crowd of 100.000 people, I’m excited about the appreciation just the same.”

So what does the future hold for this prodigy? “Well an ideal situation would be one in which I could pursue my studies and a music career simultaneously but of course that would be impossible. So I plan on simply continuing to do music up until the moment I leave for Holland to go study. And after I get my bachelor’s degree I will pursue it for a while and see if it can afford me a living. The ultimate dream is of course to play at the big festivals like Ultra and Tomorrowland.”

With the musical bag of tricks Ethan Morris has in that noggin, that’s not at all a crazy prospect to ponder.

Listen to that bag of tricks here!

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