Fumanchú kicked off in 2007 in Xalapa, the capital city of the Mexican state of  Veracruz.  It is a band created by students at the time who fused Latin rhythms like the Bolero, Cumbia and the Guaracha with more modern rhythms such as Reggae, Funk and Hip-Hop. It started as a cover band, but the search for their own sound, constant experimentation and the need for self-expression led them to pen down more than 20 original songs.

The group appeared in various venues in Veracruz, Guadalajara and many cities in the Mexican Southeast. They also participated in various radio and television interviews and collaborated with others on musical adaptations of theater plays, choreographies and multidisciplinary shows related to the University of Veracruz.

They eventually went on to take a break of almost two years, but in 2014 the band resurged in Mexico City with the push of one of its founders; actor Eduardo Pueblo, flutist and voice of Fumanchú. They merged with another group which has more than 20 years of experience within the tropical music genre “Son Con Caché” led by keyboardist and arranger Guillermo Posada. This collaboration brought forth the EP “Rolando Por La Derecha” with 5 original songs.

The year 2015 brought a new lineup change, with Yanin Arroyo on lead vocals and guitar, David Cruz on percussion and drums, Oceana Castaneda on flute and trombone and Eduardo Pueblo on bass and vocals. With this new lineup they have performed at different venues in Veracruz such as Capitán Gallo, Bar Atlántico, La Ciudadela, Foro Bizarro and FARO Indios Verdes. In 2016 they were busy presenting their new EP called “Canciones Para El Fin Del Mundo” once again comprised of 5 original songs.

Listen to some Fumanchú on Skempi

Gerson Eleonora (1987) has a passion for writing, whether it be short stories, poems or the biographies, reviews and music articles displayed here on the site. He is an aficionado of everything Caribbean, it’s almost as if salt water runs through his veins.
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