Jonna Fraser


Jonna Fraser

Born Jonathan Fraser (1992) in Zaandam Zuid in the Netherlands to Surinamese parents, Jonna Fraser has been making quite a name for himself in the Dutch Rap & R&B scene (Nederhop) both as a solo artist and as a member of the rap collective New Wave. He won Buma Cultuur’s coveted Popprijs (Pop prize) in 2015 with New Wave and he has released several albums, among them Goed Teken (Good Sign), which reached the eleventh position in the top album charts of the Netherlands.  His single “Do or Die”, which he recorded with the group Broederliefde, another Dutch sensation of artists of Caribbean descent, also became a huge hit. It was – and continues to be – literally all over the Dutch Kingdom.

He was introduced to hip-hop music at the age of 12 and its importance in his life has grown ever since. But he has also been influenced by other musical stylings, hence the variety in his musical repertoire which extends from gangster rap to soul.

He made his solo debut in 2014 with the EP “Maatje 45”, which sold out upon release thanks to a release party he threw to celebrate the event. The following year saw the release of the album Alle Tijd (All The Time). That year he was also part of a very successful collaboration with fellow Dutch rappers and producers from the record label Top Notch like Ronnie Flex, Frenna and Lil’ Kleine (just to name a few because there’s like twenty in there) in the rap collective New Wave. This collective released the self-titled album New Wave which became a chart juggernaut and secured them the Popprijs for 2015 in January of 2016.

And early 2016 saw the release of the album Goed Teken but it was the release of the album Blessed in October of that year that took his fame to astronomical heights in the Netherlands. It came out of the gate at the top of the album charts and its singles have have been peppering the Dutch Single Top 100 ever since – along with those that have hung around since Goed Teken. With this track record the future is looking really bright for this eclectic artist.

In early 2017 Jonna Fraser tore up the stage in Curaçao at the Tropical Valley festival at WTC.  And guess what? He’s going to be coming back to Curaçao this December 29th, where he will be one of the featured acts at INSOMNIA invites Broederliefde & Friends. Make sure you buy your tickets quick!

But in the meantime…

Listen to some of his skills here

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