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Nathan Senchi

Folks, allow me to introduce you to Nathan Alexander Senchi, artist name Nathan Senchi. He was born in Curaçao (1989) but has been living in Bonaire since he was four years old when his father got a managing position at the Kooyman there. They haven’t moved back since.

He had a very active childhood; he proved to be a prodigy on the baseball pitch and would have been signed to a professional career had he not fractured his knee shortly before the deal was finalized.

It was also a very musical childhood as his father, who used to be in a band himself, encouraged him to experiment with musical instruments and thus he started playing the piano and the drums from a very early age. He flourished in both with a marginal amount of lessons and eventually he added other instruments like the bass guitar to his skillset. And playing in the Church choir didn’t hurt his musical chops, either.

But his journey truly started in 2008 when an organization, which was working on a project to educate teens on sexuality, asked him to write and perform the jingle for their operation. This was his first time doing something like this but he decided to push his boundaries and the decision paid off as the jingle was well received. This prompted him to write and release his very own rap song in early 2009 which was also praised.

Despite the compliments he would remain unconvinced this was truly his calling until December of that year when a rap contest was organized on the island with the theme ‘Stop The Violence’. He won the contest, and the victory really gave him the impetus to pursue what he now had to admit to himself was real talent. And so he got to work writing and recording songs.

Now, he did this aside from his job as a graphic designer and eventually it came time to reevaluate which of the two gave him the most sense of fulfillment. Guess which one won. So around 2013 he started investing more in his craft. And thus his productions, the album “Tin Un Solushon” and the mixtape “Ken? (Who?)”, came about.

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The latter, which he released online, became an immediate success, he even sold t-shirts off of it! Its most notable hits include “Ken Mi Ta” (Who I Am), a foray into House that paid off with many admirers, “Mas Serka”, a Zouk number that also made waves, and his crown jewel so far “SNTPABO” (an abbreviation of Sin ‘N Ta Pabo, which means “If It Wasn’t For You”), a rap song that generated over 60.000 plays and which he receives praise for to this day.

He considers himself a Hip-Hop and R&B artist first and foremost and his biggest musical influence is the American Christian Hip-Hop artist Lecrae. Growing up in a Christian Church on a Caribbean island, Nathan Senchi didn’t hear a whole lot of Christian rap so to him stumbling upon Lecrae was like a scientist discovering plutonium by accident. And especially considering the topics he wanted to rap about himself, it was a real eye-opener.

This ambition is especially distinct on his upcoming album “Punto” (Point, as in full stop), set to drop next month. He chose the name of the album to express finality to beating around the bush with certain topics as he wants to lay it all on the table, the things that lift him up and the things that grind his gears, take it or leave it.

Its lead single is the Hip-Hop track “I Have A Dream”. The idea for this single came to him while he was sitting in a recording studio in the Netherlands. As he reflected with a friend about how they used to talk about making it this far, actually being in the Netherlands to work on an album, the phrase ‘dreams do come true’ came to him and the Hip-Hop song was born.

In the end Nathan Senchi aspires to make Bonairean artists more a part of the conversation when it comes to Dutch Caribbean music and ultimately wants to bring about an influx of artistry which offers positive approaches and solutions to the everyday problems of the people of the ABC-islands. Something he feels is desperately needed.

Listen to Nathan Senchi on Skempi

Gerson Eleonora (1987) has a passion for writing, whether it be short stories, poems or the biographies, reviews and music articles displayed here on the site. He is an aficionado of everything Caribbean, it’s almost as if salt water runs through his veins.
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