Nixon Joseph


Nixon Joseph

Born Nixon Churandy Joseph (1991) in Rotterdam to an Anglo-Curaçaoan mother and an Arab-Surinamese father, Nixon Joseph is one of the hardest working MCs around. He’s worked with some of the biggest names in the Dutch music scene such as Shermanology, Broederliefde, Dyna, Freddy Moreira and pretty much every Curaçaoan artist who’s made the move to the Netherlands. Here is his story:

Although born in the Netherlands, his Curaçaoan roots split his childhood between Curaçao and the European country, with him living on the Caribbean island between the ages of 9 and 18.

His path to entertainment was practically branded in his DNA; in addition to being one of the founders of Radio Mas – a very popular radio station in Curaçao – his late mother, Nancy Janine Joseph, also worked in sales at TeleCuraçao for a time. And on top of that his late father played the conga in several bands in the Netherlands in his day, among them the wildly popular Champagne.

It will surprise many to know that he actually aspired to become a radio broadcaster as a child. So what made him choose the slightly different path of being an MC? Well. You ready for this? A joke.

Yes you read that correctly, a joke. In what way, you ask? It happened during his nineteenth birthday party. He was celebrating in style with a DJ podium and everything and at one point he got up on stage (a bit under the influence) and hyped the crowd. It turned out he was a natural with the mic and a friend of his took notice.

When it came time for that friend’s birthday party, there was no doubt in his mind about who he wanted as an MC. Over there Nixon shined once again and this led to a few more appearances at parties. Eventually his skills prompted friends and perfect strangers alike to ask him “Why don’t you do this professionally?”

And those weren’t just any perfect strangers, we’re talking club promoters and club owners. They started flooding him with offers, which was more than enough of a cue for him to start thinking about taking MCing seriously. This was one of the main catalysts of his career.

Another was the conversations he had with his equally talented friends in which he would constantly egg them on to take up DJing, to which they would reply, without missing a beat, “Sure, just as soon as you become an MC”. Well, you can’t say the guy shies away from a challenge.

In the meantime the bookings kept pouring in in the three years since his first appearances at those birthday parties. He was getting gigs four times a week, and all while he hadn’t even begun to take MCing seriously yet. But then three years ago came a chance encounter with an event planner. He had heard of Nixon’s skills as an MC and immediately offered to become his manager.

And this man who would indeed become Nixon’s manager also happened to be Spain-bound, where he had many gigs lined up for which he had Nixon in mind, shortly after they signed their agreement. This definitely made Nixon Joseph take things a bit more seriously.

In the months leading up to that trip his face was a fixture in practically every club in Rotterdam. He built up quite a name for himself over there at prestigious venues like Club Blu – where the likes of Rick Ross and Chris Brown have performed –  Club Vie, VIP Room, Club Bed and Cinema, he’s pretty much performed at every club that city has to offer.  He also made appearances at prestigious venues in Amsterdam like The Box.

And when he took the trip to Spain? Over there he took to the stage at Club Mya, the largest club in the city of Valencia, where he kept a crowd of over 7000 people entertained at parties that went on until eight in the morning , and Rumbo 44, which is a renowned nightclub owned by a famous local football player.

He’s performed at many clubs but performing at festivals is his true aspiration. For this reason he draws inspiration from two charismatic London-based MCs, MC Gee and MC Roja. Both have entertained enormous crowds at festivals and he also admires both for their work ethic.

Aside from being a full time MC, Nixon Joseph is also a full time chef. How does that work? He’s in the kitchen at the restaurant from 3 PM to 11 PM, spends the time between 11 PM and 12 AM getting ready to go to the club, 12 AM to 5 AM he’s rocking the crowd, then he gets home, sleeps, wakes up, repeats. It’s a wonder he’s not out fighting crime in Gotham City as well.

That was his daily schedule for the past year and he did not take one vacation day and now he’s signed with a new agency that is taking his brand name to the next level. He’s got gigs lined up in cities in Holland, Germany and Spain so he’s definitely making moves. His ultimate dream is to step on stage with the Curaçao flag in hand at the larger than life festivals of the world like the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Look out for this Caribbean talent!

Here’s a snippet of him working a crowd in Hapsburg, Germany.

AME RAW: Just a raw impression of yesterday at @love_yourself_events in Club Superfly Hamburg 🇩🇪! What a blast we had! @mrcotinoo and @nixon.joseph just put up a show! More images soon. Can't wait for the next one! #ameagencynl #clubsuperfly #hamburg #germany

Posted by AME Agency on Saturday, February 4, 2017

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