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Raw Music

This is the story about the music label Raw Music. A story of two friends that spans two countries. It all started in 2010 when rap duo Jerry and Mocho were members of a group called Danzartestudio, back in their native Curaçao.

They were both musically inclined but at the time it was only Mocho who had gotten a few songs down on paper as Jerry did not feel his writing skills were up to par just yet, the little he did write he didn’t consider decent enough to make it onto a stage.

But over the course of a year Jerry’s ability and confidence in this department improved dramatically. So much so that it was Jerry who proposed that the duo participate in a talent contest on the island called “Luna Yen (Full Moon)”in 2011. For this contest they wrote a song called “Kòrsou Tin Hopi Talento (Curaçao Has A Lot Of Talent)”.

The combination of the song title, heartening lyrics and their spirited performance won them first place at the contest that year. And the following year they participated again, this time mashing all the songs they had written the previous year into an “All-In-One” mix. For their efforts they were awarded with the second place prize this time around but the achievements for the year 2012 didn’t stop there.

After getting many tips, assistance and workshops from Anti X-Change, an international arts exchange project involving Caribbean rappers from the Netherlands and Curaçaoan Hip-Hop artists, they set to work writing and recording several songs for their first studio album called “Ready4Success” which was released on April 30th of that year.

And after this milestone they did not let up, they released many singles on which they collaborated with many other young local artists, among those singles “Danki Na Muziek (Thanks To Music)” which was also accompanied by a videoclip.

And all their hard work did not go unnoticed as it landed them a spot on the cover of Dolfijn FM magazine, the magazine of an extremely popular radio station in Curaçao which in turn also has high circulation, in which a full article was written about their successes in the music industry.

The following year Jerry and Mocho moved to the Netherlands for their studies but the move did not diminish their sizable fanbase in the slightest. They kept on making moves when it comes to music which kept their fans coming back and on April 10th of 2014 they decided to launch their own record label titled “Raw Music”, which is a label that specializes in music for DJs, making mixtapes, bootlegs, EPs and party tracks both in Dutch and their native Papiamentu, with many talented rappers and producers on their roster.

Through this label they have collaborated with young artists and producers from all across the Netherlands and in the meantime also released another album. The duo has also worked alongside the Aruban group Team Alien on the intro for the group’s web show.

It doesn’t matter where they are, these two hit the ground running. And the sky’s the limit on what other milestones they and their label will achieve in the near future.

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Gerson Eleonora (1987) has a passion for writing, whether it be short stories, poems or the biographies, reviews and music articles displayed here on the site. He is an aficionado of everything Caribbean, it’s almost as if salt water runs through his veins.
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