Stefan Vilijn & Michael Mendoza


Stefan Vilijn & Michael Mendoza

Stefan Vilijn

Born and raised in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands (1988),  Stefan Vilijn’s (real name) passion for music started to carve out an important place in his life from an early age. At the age of 16 he had become completely immersed in the party entertainment scene, and as faith would have it, it was this scene that would make all his dreams come true.

Stefan has studied and analyzed the craft of several DJs and in essence this is what inspired him to pursue a career in DJing himself.  After he bought his first records, he got to work experimenting and trying out different ways of mixing them and in so doing he honed his own skills on the turntable. Aware of his own prodigious potential, he decided to dedicate all his efforts on producing and working on his entry into the higher circles of that field.

This proved to be a very wise choice as the first production he released – ”I’m The Man (Hit The Record)” – became an immediate club banger and dominated the airwaves in the Netherlands. This made Stefan Vilijn a celebrity practically overnight and he became a respected name in the party scene. This opened the way for his foray into the DJ booth.

He started performing in several clubs around the country and became a resident DJ at renowned nightflubs like: Sappig, Hufters and Brutal. The list of famous Dutch nightclubs he’s rocked further includes: OffCorso (Rotterdam), Escape (Amsterdam), Effenaar (Eindhoven), Monza (Utrecht), Maassilo (Rotterdam) and many more. The combination of his mastery, fresh sound and charisma makes the crowd go wild again and again at the venues he plays.

At the moment he is very actively involved with several big names from the Dutch and International House-scene such as: DJ Disciple, Boris Rush, Prok & Fitch, Chris Moody, Josh the Funk 1, just to name a few. Over the years his sound has strongly evolved and one could even say that he has created one that is distinctly his own. Stefan Vilijn is definitely a DJ with a bright future ahead of him and his 2016 smash “Window Shoppen” shows that he is definitely continuing on his way to even bigger and better things.

Michael Mendoza

When a 14 year old Michael Mendoza(born Michael Piergolam in 1988) went to watch his sister dance at the Now & Wow in Rotterdam – where she was a regular dancer – he fell in love with the House music and dance scene. At that spot someone referred him to a site where he could immerse himself in the music and that’s exactly what he did. After this he often tried to stay with his sister to be able to enter these kinds of clubs.

When he was 16, he started taking his first steps into the world of house and getting to know the music further. He dreamed of becoming a DJ, but his parents wanted him to keep his focus on school.  However, a few years later Michael got permission to play a set at the ‘Rush’ event at the club Cineac in Amsterdam, which was his first booking.

Meanwhile, he began to study law. In the beginning he successfully combined his studies and being a DJ, but then came a big gig at Sunnery & Ryan, where everyone took notice of his talent. After that the booking requests poured in. This promptly led him to the decision to quit school and soon after he was rotating in and out of the Netherlands in clubs and at events. He couldn’t have been happier with the DJ life.

Michael Mendoza plays House music in the broadest sense of the word and he adjusts his set to the mood and setting he plays in. With him the musical styles of EDM, Progressive music and Tribal House are always blasting out of the speakers.

He is known for his immensely popular tracks such as “Be Without You” ft. I-Fan (Hardsoul), “Trinidad” (Defected), “Evolution” (Flamingo) and his 2014 smash “Blame it on Love” (Big & Dirty).

Michael Mendoza is known for his sarcastic, and at times self-deprecating, humor but he simultaneously exudes a warm and confident personality. He is definitely living his passion: “Every second I’m performing I feel like I’m escaping the ordinary and am in full control of my life”

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