Tribal Kush


Tribal Kush

In 2015, music geniuses Dreadville, Enrick Bove, and Bodhi got together to form the group Tribal Kush on a mission to create future tropical genres for the world. They exploded onto the scene this year with their unique style called Tropical Bass, which they make by mixing various genres together with their own unique touch – a blend of EDM, Caribbean, Trap, Moombahton, and Future Dancehall. Some of the songs the group has launched so far include songs by dancehall legends such as Konshens and Popcaan, and those mixed with the group’s unique tropical sound means hitting the replay button at least a couple times!

What’s next for Tribal Kush? Right now the group is working hard on their debut EP which is due to launch soon. And why the name Tribal Kush you ask? Well the group says they will always be just three dudes lost in the jungle.

Well..whatever their inspiration, it really seems to be working for them!


Listen to the tropical mix here 

Sabina Teodora Sarbu, Head of Marketing, planning campaigns & working with Skempi artists to help them reach their promotional goals. With a strong passion for different types of music and dances, Sabina is an avid traveler having lived in Canada, Romania, Germany, Spain, and Colombia.
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