• Date: 01 - Apr - 2016
  • Time: 22:00
  • Location: Villa Maria, Curacao
  • Venue: HYPNOTICA
  •  Join us

Slowly the mercury to Caribbean temperatures towards summer 2016 increases by as boiling point April 1 HYPNOTICA

The first edition will become a premiere of this new Caribbean event, this will 1ste edition with special guests BROTHER LOVE & FREDDY MOREIRA on our Dushi Kòrsou … This is reason enough to attend April 1!
None other than our local HERO CHRIS STRICKLAND will host the evening, MASON & KROKZ will make the crowd dance like never before!
The hall will be filled with the tastiest Urban, Caribbean and Latin HipHop & fro-house, with alternative live performances.

Hypnotized IN PARADISE

Date: Friday April 1
Location: Villa Maria Curacao
Time: 22:00 till dawn !!!
Dress code: SwaggedOut
Damage: early birds 25 – Regular ticket 35 fl

Golden circkle standing vip 75 Fl including one welcome drink by choice.

Silver VIP Deck: 500 GB 4 person bottle of choice

STAGE VIP: 1000 fl 8 person & 2 bottle of Choice Private bar & Private parking (one private car for one table)

“Beyond Dance & entertainment”

Hypnotics hypnotized NESS BY SEXY !!!!!

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
– Peter Drucker
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