Skempi Karnaval Stand “Hanchi Polar”


Skempi Karnaval Stand “Hanchi Polar”

  • Date: 24 - Feb - 2017
  • Time:
  • Location: Hanchi Polar
  • Venue: Skempi Karnaval Stand "Hanchi Polar"
  •  Join Us!

Skempi Karnaval Stand will be joining “The Mechanics” Karnaval stand in Hanchi Polar
The hottest section on the whole Karnaval route!

Tickets are NAFL 200,- pp
this includes:

– Amazing location full of energy to watch Karnaval ’17 (Hanchi Polar – Start Rodeweg)
-music will be provided by the one and only Menasa
– T-shirts for all three days.

*Tickets for 1 day also available: ANG 125.00 pp

This admission also includes; food, alcoholic beverages & non-alcoholic beverages. It’s allowed to bring your own choice of Premium Liquor.

Your ticket covers the three major parades : Teener Parade (Feb 24), Gran Marcha (Feb 26), Marcha di Despedida (Feb 28)

The stand will also be open for Karnaval Hubenil and Despedida Hubenil. Beverages limited.

Tickets can be purchased by contacting us: / Direct Message or by calling:

Gino 5124555 // Boudino 5663466


Additional info:

– Private property with security and fences.
– Flush toilet (females) / Urinal (males)

TCFM will be transmitting LIVE from the Skempi Stand, bring all their in-house DJs for your musical entertainment, together with Menasa.

Passion for music, free spirit lost in the Caribbean by choice.
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