What Many People Forget About “Despacito”

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “Ugh, another article about that bendito song?!”. But try your hardest to roll your eyes back into focus from that eye roll because let’s face facts, that song is not going away any time soon. Hate to be the bearer of bad news. ButRead More »

Gentz Stays Ahead Of Competition For Another Week!

Curaçaoan uber-band Gentz retains its position atop the Skempi Top 40 mountain peak for another week, an admirable feat in the high velocity game of chart-musical chairs being played at the top in recent weeks. Their smash “Kruel” enters the week still at No.1 with Claudius Philips’ single “Cuanto MiRead More »

The French Caribbean Music Icon You Probably Never Heard Of…

Today the Footprints section of Skempi News features Dédé Saint-Prix. He is a Martinican musician (born André Saint-Prix in 1953 in François, Martinique) who has had a bountiful career as a traditional singer and flutist of traditional “Chouval Bwa” music, a kind of folk music which originated on the slave plantationsRead More »

Rudy Plaate’s Timeless Classic Revisited!

This time around on Skempi News’ Throwback Thursday edition, the album “Solo Sali” by Curaçaoan music luminary Rudy Plaate receives a shining spotlight. Released in 1960, this album has reached immortal status with many tunes that have become as transcendent as they are resplendent. Among the album’s ageless masterpieces areRead More »

This Week In Skempi Top 40 News…

This week’s Skempi chart tabulation is once again home to interesting developments as the revolving door at No. 1 continues to turn. This time around the high turnover favors another staple of the Skempi Top 40: Gentz. Their latest smash “Kruel” pretty much cruised its way to the top atRead More »