Many Tumbas In The Top 40!

Gentz, Menasa and Bizzey continue to reign at the top but another remarkable thing is happening below them in the rest of the top 40. It has been an invasion of tumbas with not one, not two but twelve of them charting in the Skempi charts. Two of them haveRead More »

Some Tumba Oldies To Prepare For The Big Night!

Tonight will be the final night of this year’s Festival di Tumba. This week has been a very festive week, with many inventive costumes, compositions, bands and confetti gracing the stage and the crowd at the Festival Center in Brievengat. On Wednesday the 30 compositions that have made it throughRead More »

Jeon On The Big International Stage!

The Aruban sensation Jeon made quite the international splash over the weekend with his larger than life feature on the larger than life music video for the single “Machika”, a single on which he collaborates with the international Reggaetón sensation J. Balvin and the Brazilian star Anitta. This collaboration cameRead More »

Menasa Moves On Up Again

While Gentz continues to rule at the top with their single “Sin Lenga”, Menasa is sneaking on in with his “Bodak Yellow” bootleg, which has risen to the no.3 spot. And he’s brought reinforcements in the form of his other charting single “Chan Chan”, which is also in the topRead More »

A Golden Classic From Boy Thode

Boy Thode has released over 40 albums, both as a solo artist and as a member of ERA Outentiko. In 2016 ERA Outentiko released the album “The Sky Is The Limit” which became a gigantic hit in Curaçao thanks in no small part to the smash “E Sekreto”, which featuredRead More »