“Traag” Quickly Reaches The Top

Bizzey’s remix to the salacious single “Traag” has reached the top of the Skempi charts. The single’s chart success can be attributed to the hypnotic Dembow baseline, the immersive drawl slathered all over the hook, and, of course, the presence of Dongo and Chaika as featured acts. In other newsRead More »

Skempi Helps Kick Off Curaçao’s Culture Week

This Sunday marks a special day on the Curaçaoan calendar. Aside from the fact that Sundays are considered holy on the Caribbean island where the majority of the population identifies as Catholic, there is another reason this date in particular carries a mystique. Haven’t guessed it yet? Well, today marksRead More »

Meet The Queen Of Calypso

Calypso Rose – born Linda McCartha Monica Sandy-Lewis on April 27th 1940, in Bethel Village, Trinidad & Tobago – grew up in a small village on the island of Tobago, one of the two Caribbean islands forming the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. She composed her first calypso at theRead More »

Gentz Reclaims The Top Spot

The Curaçaoan superband Gentz has reclaimed its position as the most played music act on the Skempi Top 40. Their single “Kruel” has recently experienced a resurgence in popularity and this helped the band knock Skempi heavy hitters Rudy Plaate and BRIAN D out of the batting cage at theRead More »

Rudy Plaate Is The Most Played Artist Of The Week!

The Curaçaoan living legend Rudy Plaate has taken his rightful place on top of the Skempi charts as the most played song this week. His single “No Mishi Kune” has been enjoying a surge in popularity in recent weeks and this past Monday it opened the week at the no.Read More »