A Classic From ENOS

Today Skempi News brings you a classic from the musical group ENOS, which stands for El Nuevo Ompi Stefania. The classic is none other than “Bekita Dams”. This Tumba became a huge hit upon release. It features verses from the poem “Bekita”, written by one of Curaçao’s greats of PapiamentuRead More »

Some Haitian Compas In The Mix

Today Skempi News features the legendary Haitian Compas band Les Shleu Shleu. Formed in 1965 in Bas-Peut de Chose, Port-Au-Prince, the band played throughout Haiti for 5 years before gaining international fame when they got booked to play in New York at Casa Borinquen. They then went on to playRead More »

Urvin Luwi Jano Climbs The Charts

Urvin Luwi Jano, this year’s Rei di Tumba, has skyrocket to the top 10 of the Skempi charts. His winning tumba “Sende Lus Pa Kòrsou” comes in at no.8 after having just entered the top 40 a few days ago. This tumba is among the sea of compositions of thisRead More »

New Entries In The Top 40

Menasa’s “Chan Chan” now stands side by side with his “Bodak Yellow” bootleg, coming in at no.3, while Clark “Juju” Zalm and Gio Fuertisimo’s “Mandonlin/Hasi Bo Kos” has cracked the top 5. DAM$’s single “Buriku” also moves up one rung in the ladder, coming in at no.8 this week. ButRead More »

Another Doble R Classic

Today Skempi News brings you the Doble R classic “Ayo Marisse” from their 1975 album Super Special Stars. Although the subject matter is a bit somber (two friends fall in love with the same woman and both decide to end their relationships with her), this song is sure to haveRead More »