The Night A Dutch Man Made Carnival History in Curaçao

Well folks, tomorrow the Teener Parade will decorate the streets of Curaçao and with this event the island’s carnival season will have reached its zenith as this will be the kickoff to an eventful long weekend filled with the season’s biggest parades. In this entry of our Footprints series we take you back toRead More »

Come Spend Karnaval With Skempi!

Skempi Karnaval Stand will be joining “The Mechanics” Karnaval stand in Hanchi Polar and we would love for you to join us. Tickets are NAFL 200,- pp and cover the three major parades : Teener Parade (Feb 24), Gran Marcha (Feb 26), Marcha di Despedida (Feb 28). (Tickets for 1Read More »

How Nando Browne Touched Our Hearts With His Music

This morning the Dutch Caribbean music community woke up to the news of a terrible loss with the sudden passing of Caribbean music powerhouse Nando Browne, also known as Breakah, who passed away last night from a heart attack. For the past two years he had made Curaçao his home and was a regular at 27 Bar andRead More »

The Top 40 Has A Fresh Kind Of Number One

Hip-hop in its purest form, that is the best way to describe the rapper Lyrical’s track “OtherSide”. The rhyme scheme is immaculate, the delivery is on point and the content is refreshingly analytical and rooted in everyday reality. And the fact that its amount of plays pushed it to the top of ourRead More »

Check Out This X Tape

Let me start by saying it’s not what you think it is. No it is simply a mellow and reflective video shot in Aruba for an equally mellow and reflective Hip-Hop track by the versatile Aruban rapper PapiaNix. Nothing sexual in there at all. But I do have to sayRead More »