How The Genre Which Brought The World Sean Paul Got Its Start

In the previous chapter of the Footprints series we tackled the Caribbean music genre of Reggae. Well, this time around its vibrant, slightly more energetic and dance floor savvy cousin gets a turn in the go-around: Dancehall. Let’s begin by debunking a popular theory about Dancehall’s origin. Many namely believeRead More »

The Beat Robbers Will Rob Your Mind!

This is a love story with a bit of a twist. Throughout the video you see two estranged lovers wandering through the streets and parks of Bogotá, anticipating the moment they meet each other. Do they meet? Only one way to find out, isn’t there? The song itself is anRead More »

A New Caribbean Hip-Hop/R&B Classic!

Launched on May 19th, Nathan Senchi’s new album titled PUNTO is a delight for the ears. The title itself, the Papiamentu word for full stop or period, summarizes his resolve to no longer beat around the bush about his musical style and speak his mind on some of the thingsRead More »