The Skempi Top 40 Is Once Again Busy Busy Busy!

The Skempi Top 40 has been busier than InselAir’s Callcenter these past two weeks. The single “Fall In Love” by the late BechoLize has been hovering in the top spot since last week Monday and a few days later it took “Awoki” under its wing at the number two spot, another BecholizeRead More »

Making Sure The Legends Are Never Forgotten

You ever heard of Joseph Sickman Corsen?  Well, you should have. This Curaçaoan is considered by many to be the father of Papiamentu literature, for which he blazed a trail with the immortal poem “Atardi”, published in Curaçao on September 27th,1905. Said poem established Papiamentu as a medium with viableRead More »

JEON Launches First Hit Song For 2017!

Sun, sand, and lots of ‘Crioyo’ flavor. Music artist Jeon debuted his first hit song for 2017 titled Crioyo in a big way last night on social media. Produced by Steve Andreas and Alex Sargo, two household names in and of themselves, the track ‘Crioyo’ really gives you the vibesRead More »

Skempi News Celebrates Its First Year!

And so it is, Skempi News followers, we have reached a milestone. One year of bringing you Caribbean stories. From the music video reviews that spanned productions from Haiti to St. Maarten to Barranquilla and from the footprints articles that covered the origins of Caribbean music genres ranging from TambúRead More »

Don’t Ever Lie To This Woman!

This Latin Jazz Pop number from the colorful (it’s kind of in their name) Medellín-based band Matices is a nice and mellow ditty, despite the somewhat less-than-jolly subject matter. How so less-than-jolly? Well to spare my non-Spanish speaking friends the Google search, the translation of the chorus reads: trusting youRead More »