The Skempi Top 40 Has A Brand New Number One!

It’s getting a little crowded up there at the top of the Skempi Top 40, isn’t it? Well, Caribbean music lovers, this week we have a new member in the Enter-The-Top-40-And-Immediately-Shoot-Up-To-Number-1 club. It is no other than the single “Tempu” by Aisha featuring Rich. It jumped to the top spotRead More »

The First Music Awards For Caribbean Artists In the Caribbean!

You’ve seen the promo video, you’ve seen the nominee videos, so you know what’s coming next December 23rd. That’s right, Skempi’s first ever Caribbean Music Awards. The first to ever take place in the Caribbean. This will take place in collaboration with branding partners Maduro & Curiel’s Bank and UTSRead More »

Dutch Caribbean Rap At Its Rawest!

Only one word cuts it when describing this video: Raw. There really is no other way of putting it. Just a rapper and his friends walking around the streets of Aruba while he spits his artistry. The Aruban rapper PapiaNix establishes himself as a force to be reckoned with inRead More »

Will It Be Happily Ever After?

This charming Latin Folk number tells a wonderful love story taking place in Caribbean Colombia. It is a true urban romance as the beautiful princess awaits her prince who is traversing all the obstacles of the city to reach her with nothing but a bicycle as his noble steed. WillRead More »

Joseph Sickman Corsen Lives On With Skempi!

Have you checked out the top of the Skempi Top 40 lately? You really should. Really. Something amazing has happened up there this week. The Joseph Sickman Corsen composition “Ojos Azules” has shot up to the number one spot. Not entirely impressed by this feat? This composition (composed in theRead More »