A Song That Looked Into The Past And The Future

August 17th. For many parts of the world, those following the Olympics anyway, today is just another day in Boltopia. On the small island of Curaçao, however, today is significant for two different reasons. First, we’re pulling for our very own Churandy Martina to inch one step closer to stepping anywhere onRead More »

This Is Not A Skempi Story…Or Is It?

You see that picture up there? The office space with the banner in the far corner that says Startup Curaçao? Yes, I know you’re not blind. I just wanted to repeat the question for emphasis. You see, that picture was taken in April of last year, inside the Miami Building located onRead More »

Limbo And Hip-Hop? See How The Two Combine!

The beat for this Hip-Hop gem by the Trinidadian rapper Young Nick cannot be described by any other word than fire. And with Tracy D providing the fiery vocals and Young Nick calmly delivering his verses, the track is guaranteed to stay stuck in your mind. The music video itself alsoRead More »

How Chin Behilia Forced The Hand Of Pinochet!

In Curaçao we all know Oswin ‘Chin’ Behilia today as the man with the golden bronze voice, author of our national anthem surrogate “Plegaria” and a conscientious singer-songwriter who over the span of his career has provided vivid catalogs of the every day lives of Curaçaoans from many walks ofRead More »