Today Mexico Pays Tribute To A Beloved Icon Here In Curaçao

Last Sunday, August 28th, the world lost a musical icon with the passing of Mexican legend Juan Gabriel. During his career the singer-songwriter wrote around 1800 songs and is among Latin America’s best selling artists of all time. Today Mexico  pays tribute to the legend in Mexico City where theRead More »

Dongo Is Curaçao’s Very Own Spiderman!

Confused by the title? Well then have a look at the top of the Skempi Top 40 and that should clarify things. You will see that the superhero comparison is apropos because all the rap phenom Dongo does is climb the charts.The man could literally write a song about farting and itRead More »

Wilburne Heals The World!

Filmed in St. Lucia, this Caribbean Gospel song by the St. Lucien Wilburne really makes you think. And the scenes of violence throughout really drive his message of spiritual healing home. There’s really nothing left to say but watch and have a helping of some Caribbean Gospel today! Joel Osteen shouldRead More »

Latin Rap Has A New Voice!

This is one of those feel good videos, the ones that make you want to hang out with the band, visit their concerts, lounge with them at the afterparty, all while this mellow Rap song is setting the mood. And the black and white adds an especially artistic and brooding touchRead More »