Get Ready for Some Tropical Electro Delight!

Sigui Stima – Keep loving. No matter how many vile things we see on the news, no matter what happens in life and no matter how much life may have changed us, we have to keep on loving in all its shapes and forms. The love which inspires a song,Read More »

How Salsa Music took Over the World

Salsa music! That whirlwind of congas, horns, intricate dance moves and suave attitudes. The mastery of which has become the main armament in the seduction weaponry of many a Don Juan this side of Antonio Banderas in his ‘Desperado’ days. The global phenomenon, the international dance found in pretty much allRead More »

This Video Will Have you Feeling all Lovey Dovey

This video makes you want to grab someone by the hand and take a walk in Phillipsburg, St. Maarten. Showcasing some beautiful Caribbean love set to an exquisite R&B groove coupled with Patrick P’trix’s crooning with that silky voice, you can’t help but be drawn in. And it also putsRead More »

My lasting impression of Curaçao

Curacao: an island of music, dance, & amazing beaches… yet many people have not heard of it! Before meeting Gino and Boudino, co-founders of Skempi, I hadn’t even really heard of Curacao, regardless of the fact that I live in the neighboring country of Colombia. Imagine that! Then as IRead More »