How Tambú Music Almost Disappeared

You ever heard of the Lambada? That Afro-Brazilian dance that gained international popularity in the 1980s? It was also known as the Forbidden Dance. Ring a bell now? Well, that ‘forbidden dance’ title was all for show to sell movie tickets, my friend. Try living it for real, generation afterRead More »

Kevin Carty: The Caribbean King of Country Music

When you think of Country music, what comes to mind? I bet it’s fiddles, banjos, cowboy hats and boots, barn dances, American accents with Southern drawls, basically things related to southern U.S.A., right? Now how about when you think of a Caribbean island? To many it evokes images of palmRead More »

Helping our Local Artists get Bookings

If you’re a local artist looking for connections to book gigs in Curaçao, a local artist looking to book a gig abroad, or a music venue on the island looking for fresh musical talent, then WantedBookings is the agency for you. Founded by Myra Fagg, who previously had extensive experienceRead More »

Carnival Trinidad 2016: The Spectacular Aftermovie

Remember that video about Carnival in Trinidad in 1957? Fast forward six decades and you have this. Just a warning: This video will make you want to book a flight to Trinidad next February. Oh, and amidst all the costumes, confetti and ‘wining’, see if you can spot Amber Rose. Enjoy! And listenRead More »

The Untold Story behind Merengue music

When I was a teenage boy growing up in Curaçao, preoccupying my time with ways to impress girls, I had a mortal enemy: Merengue music. It was something like the Lex Luthor to my Superman, the Newman to my Jerry Seinfeld, the common sense to my Kanye West. You see,Read More »