A Weekend of Island Jams at MINEC 2016

Most people living outside of the Caribbean probably have never even heard of San Andres, which is the small island to the east of Nicaragua. You also probably didn’t know that there are two other islands called Providence and Santa Catalina. I know I sure didn’t, until I moved toRead More »

How The Rise of Reggaetón was Almost Knocked Down

Back in 2004, I took a school trip to Puerto Rico. It could not have been a better year to visit the island. Why? Reggaetón was everywhere. And I mean everywhere; shopping malls, schools, restaurants, bars, cars, busses, beaches. Hell, it felt like even my mind was doing the perreoRead More »

How Tambú Music Almost Disappeared

You ever heard of the Lambada? That Afro-Brazilian dance that gained international popularity in the 1980s? It was also known as the Forbidden Dance. Ring a bell now? Well, that ‘forbidden dance’ title was all for show to sell movie tickets, my friend. Try living it for real, generation afterRead More »

Kevin Carty: The Caribbean King of Country Music

When you think of Country music, what comes to mind? I bet it’s fiddles, banjos, cowboy hats and boots, barn dances, American accents with Southern drawls, basically things related to southern U.S.A., right? Now how about when you think of a Caribbean island? To many it evokes images of palmRead More »

Helping our Local Artists get Bookings

If you’re a local artist looking for connections to book gigs in Curaçao, a local artist looking to book a gig abroad, or a music venue on the island looking for fresh musical talent, then WantedBookings is the agency for you. Founded by Myra Fagg, who previously had extensive experienceRead More »