Carnival Trinidad 2016: The Spectacular Aftermovie

Remember that video about Carnival in Trinidad in 1957? Fast forward six decades and you have this. Just a warning: This video will make you want to book a flight to Trinidad next February. Oh, and amidst all the costumes, confetti and ‘wining’, see if you can spot Amber Rose. Enjoy! And listenRead More »

The Untold Story behind Merengue music

When I was a teenage boy growing up in Curaçao, preoccupying my time with ways to impress girls, I had a mortal enemy: Merengue music. It was something like the Lex Luthor to my Superman, the Newman to my Jerry Seinfeld, the common sense to my Kanye West. You see,Read More »

Menasa: The Bootleg King!

Let me start this off by saying in this instance the word bootleg is not what you may think it is. It’s the bootleg defined as a remix of a song in which a producer incorporates bits of the original song in its finished condition, as opposed to the traditional remix inRead More »

How Caribbean Music helped put Colombia on the Map

Ever heard of the Caribbean region of Colombia?  In case you haven’t I’m talking about those eight states to the country’s north, straddled by or directly in the Caribbean Sea. And in case you’re saying “Caribbean-Shmaribbean, it’s still Colombia, right? Why should I have heard of that one particular region?”Read More »