A Golden Classic From Boy Thode

Boy Thode has released over 40 albums, both as a solo artist and as a member of ERA Outentiko. In 2016 ERA Outentiko released the album “The Sky Is The Limit” which became a gigantic hit in Curaçao thanks in no small part to the smash “E Sekreto”, which featuredRead More »

A Sweet Melody From The Virgin Islands

Today Skempi News brings you a sweet melody from the U.S. Virgin Islands by way of Reggae artist Pressure Busspipe. Why that peculiar artist name? The reason behind it kind of mollifies the peculiarity. It is namely an acknowledgement of the hard times and struggles people must face. Born DelynoRead More »

Gentz Takes Over!

This week sees Gentz in the driver’s seat on the Skempi charts, with their singles “Sin Lenga” and “Doble R Potpourri” occupying both the no.1 and no.2 positions respectively. In so doing Gentz has ended Dayo’s reign at the top, whose single drops to no.3 this week. The top 10Read More »

Ced Ride Tells A Story

On this the first Sunday of the year Skempi News delivers a blast from the past courtesy of Ced Ride’s classic performance of the immortal Pierre Lauffer poem “Balada Di Buchi Fil”. The lament and passion in Ced Ride’s voice as he tells the unfortunate story of the slave BuchiRead More »

The Godfather Of Bahamian Music

Today Skempi News features a profile of the late Bahamian music legend and cultural icon Ronnie Butler. He was a famous Bahamian calypso and Rake-and-scrape singer, a music genre native to The Bahamas which features the Goombay drum, the Accordion and a hand saw, whose career spanned five decades. BornRead More »