Listen to ‘Festival Di Tumba 2015’ – Curacao

Listen to all your favourite Tumba songs from the ‘Festival Di Tumba 2015’ taking place on the island of Curacao. Among this year participants are Dibo Doran (Skempi Caribbean Artist of 2014) and the Reggae Roots and Cura Pop artist Junior Tecla debuting with his very catchy Tumba ‘Mama Karnaval’.Read More »

Touring the 70s with Super Dynamic

Indiscutible Super Dynamic (Curacao) We are still touring the 70’s this week. Oh that nostalgic feeling. On a benevolent Sunday we have our eyes set on the band Super Dynamic from the “dushi” island of Curaçao. They coined themselves “a complete variety of melodious and dynamic rhythms floating right out of the AntillianRead More »

350+ Digitally Remastered Doble R Songs Never Published Online Before

One of the foremost icons in Antillean music is undoubtedly Rignald Recordino and his Doble R Super Special Stars. His timeless music undeniably reflects the musical glory of the 1970’s, 1980’s and the beginning of the 1990’s. Doble R songs have more recently been recorded, sampled and translated into other languages by manyRead More »