Imposibel by Mr Hazel


Imposibel by Mr Hazel


This video is a perfect instance of marriage between lyrical content and the visual. Displaying images of slain civil rights legends Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Robert Kennedy and John F. Kennedy, the murdered rapper Tupac and the late Bob Marley, as well as slain Curaçaoan politician Helmin Wiels, this powerful plight for social justice is undeniable.

Images of recent protests sparked by the deaths of unarmed minorities at the hands of policemen in the USA and the Netherlands and the portrayal of African refugees underline Mr Hazel’s message: the struggle for just and fair societies for all continues.

Gerson Eleonora (1987) has a passion for writing, whether it be short stories, poems or the biographies, reviews and music articles displayed here on the site. He is an aficionado of everything Caribbean, it’s almost as if salt water runs through his veins.
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