The Best Cover of Adele’s ‘Hello’ You will Hear Today


The Best Cover of Adele’s ‘Hello’ You will Hear Today

Showcasing the unique beauty of Curaçao, Tamara Nivillac takes a walk with director Yuri Kneppers on the other side and finds cinematic gold. Everyone else has done a cover of Adele’s ‘Hello’, so why not someone from this beautiful island?

Whether Nivillac is riding in a bus, singing in an opaque dark space, contemplatively sitting on the windowsill of a tumbledown (but nonetheless alluring) house in a forest or meditating on the beach in front of a winsome sunset, every scene is heavy with emotional significance.

They imbue this Papiamentu cover of Adele’s smash with special solemnity and purpose making it impossible to watch this video with frivolity as it slowly and soulfully caresses the senses.

This combined with the guitar strings and her profound delivery of each and every lyric will leave you agog at the evocative artistry. You don’t even have to understand the language to be gripped by its power.

It isn’t an overstatement to say that this production deserves entry in the dialogue of notable world music.

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