This is Hip-Hop like You’ve Never Heard it Before


This is Hip-Hop like You’ve Never Heard it Before

Showcasing Nathan Senchi’s vibrant personality and a dynamic blend of comedic scenes, this video kind of reminds you of Eddie Murphy back in the day as Senchi dons many different costumes and wigs.

The Hip-Hop beat, along with the guitar riffs, somehow accentuate the intensity of the lyrics which encourage listeners to abandon a callous and nonchalant lifestyle and instead tap into their fighting spirit and spirituality.

And with the soundbites of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech interspersed throughout the song, Nathan Senchi truly hit his mark with this refreshing batch of inspirational Hip-Hop.

And he definitely gets his message across about adopting a more lifted approach to life if we are to interpret the beginning of the video as a square off between his mild-mannered self and the alter ego which is more, shall we say, foolhardy.

Just goes to show, you can go on ahead and think all there is to life is to have that swagger meter on level trillion but expect to be knocked to the ground and get a black eye and a bump on your head at some point.  You want to make your dreams come true? Well, in the words of Nathan Senchi, ‘stand up’.

Enjoy this comedic and uplifting video!

And listen to more of Nathan Senchi on Skempi

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